Milton Hebald Sculpture in Public Places

Whitney Museum of American Art, NYC, NY - Homage

Birla Art Museum, Calcutta, India - Drawings

Smithsonian Institution Portrait Gallery, Washington DC - Bust: Archibald Macleish

United Nations Plaza, NYC, NY - Peaceable Kindgom

Tower Museum, Dublin, Ireland - Portrait: James Joyce

JFK International Airport, Pan-AM Terminal, NYC, NY - Zodiac Screen (220 ft long bronze )

AIG Building, Tokyo, Japan - Heroic Bust, C.V. Starr

Fluncturn Freidhof, Zurich, Switzerland - James Joyce Monument

Sun Times Building, Chicago, IL - Marshall Field: 4th Relief

Tel Aviv Art Museum, Israel - Bust: Richard Tucker

Yale University Sterling Library, New Haven, CT - Bust: Archibald Macleish

Richard Tucker Park, Lincoln Center, NYC, NY - Richard Tucker Monument

Aschehaug Verlag, Oslo, Norway - Shakespeare' s Mirror - Relief

Storm King Sculpture Park, New York - 500 Meters

Olympic Village (YMCA downtown), Los Angeles, CA - Monument Olympiad

Delacourt Shakespeare Theater, Central Park, NYC, NY - Romeo & Juliet

Piazza Commune - Trevignano Romano, Italy - Dancing Family

New York University, NYC, NY - Albert Gallatin Annual Award Medal

Bergen Bank, Bergen, Norway - Mitzva Dance

Delacourt Shakespeare Theater, Central Park, NYC, NY - The Tempest

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, VA - Young Joyce Walking

Brandeis University Museum, MA - Wood Cherry ( & small bronzes)

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC - William Hays Ackland Memorial

University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway - James Joyce (model)

UCLA, Los Angeles, CA - Alphabestiary

Windsor Sculpture Park, Windsor, Ontario, Canada - Melancholy Baby

Arkansas Art Museum, Little Rock, AR - Raccolta

Ulrich Museum of Art, Wichita, KS - Raccolta

University of Arizona, Tuscon, AZ - Raccolta

Charles Western Museum of Art, Racine, WI - Great Fortune

Greater Jewish Community Center, Washington DC - Mitzva Dance

Philharmonic Center of the Arts, Naples, FL - Capriccio

Philharmonic Center of the Arts, Naples, FL - Romeo & Juliet

Concert Hall, Ft. Myers, FL - Romeo & Juliet

TWA Building, Los Angeles, CA - Romeo & Juliet

Wingspread, Johnson' s Wax Foundation, Racine, WI - Romeo & Juliet

Sudgen Community Theater, Naples, FL - Shakespeare Relief

C.V. Starr Golf Course, Brewster, NY - Eight Overlife-sized Sculptures

Fairmont Park Art Museum, Philadelphia, PA - Mohogany Three Girls Running

Pennsylvania Academy, Philadephia, PA - Bikini

Albert Einstein Hospital, East Bronx, NY - Convalescent' s Return

Ulrich Museum of Art, Wichita, KS - Convalescent' s Return (model)

Academy of Arts and Letters, NYC, NY - Bust: Archibald Macleish

Prairies School, Racine, WI - Noah' s Ark Fountain

Northwestern University, Evanston, IL - Portrait: James Joyce

Notre Dame University, South Bend, IN - Cat

Deloris Norris Cultural Center, St. Charles, IL - Dancing Family

Children' s Zoo, Ft. Wayne, IN - Dancing Family

Great Escape, Lake George, NY - Dancing Family

Isla Verdi Airport, San Juan, Puerto Rico - Stairwell Light Sculpture

Queens Central Library, Jamaica, NY - Education & Youth Conquers Space

Padre Pio Civic Hospital, Bracciano, Italy - Memorial Bust: Professore Magistrate

Post Office, Toms River, NJ - Boating on Toms River

Columbia Fine Art Museum, Columbia, NC - Figure

Home for the Aged, NYC, NY- Circus Maximus

Cheekwood Fine Arts Center, Nashville, TN - Cornicopia

D.O.M. Society, NYC, NY - Daughters of Miriam Annual Award Medal

Temple Rodoph Sholem, NYC, NY - Bust: Rabbi Louis I. Newman

Schecter Children' s School, NYC, NY- Monumental Head (hammered copper)

University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway - Shakespeare

Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art, Loretta, PA - Curlytop